Novy extraction ducting

Why choose NOVY ducting?

You have chosen your high quality NOVY extractor, what else do you need?

To ensure the optimal extraction of cooking fumes and odours you need to ensure your ducting run is well thought out, installed correctly and premium quality component are used.

Important facts to remember when planning you purchase.

Round ducting:

  • Use smooth, non-inflammable duct components, the internal diameter should be equal to the external diameter of the outlet connector on the cooker hood.
  • Outlet ducting must measure Ø150 mm throughout the run. Even a small reduction in surface area reduces the free air flow considerably.
  • Extend flexible ducts to the maximum and cut them to size, only use flexible ducting for a small awkward section.
  • Remember any reduction in duct size not only reduces air flow but generates additional noise.
  • Plan a non-return valve in the duct to prevent draughts blowing through the ducting.
  • Ensure an airtight seal with tape and round clamps.
  • The exit point on the outside wall must use an external louvre.

Flat ducting:

  • Novy flat ducting has rounded corners on the flat sections and air guides in the corners. These ensure the airflow is smooth and unhindered.
  • 220mm x 89mm ducting is the minimum size you should use to ensure the optimal performance from extractor.

Best practise for extraction ducting:

  • Plan you run before walls and ceilings are installed its much easier to adapt beforehand!
  • Ensure the duct as short as possible with as few bends as possible along its route to the outlet.
  • Avoid excessive bends, every bend reduce the speed the air travels.
  • Cavity walls need to be crossed by the ducting completely without any joints or bends.
  • If using a roof outlet use a double-walled roof outlet with an adequate capacity.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation, fresh air needs to be allowed in by opening a window or external door slightly or by means of a ventilation louvre. 

Incorrect installation can result in poor extraction, more noise, condensation and other undesirable effects. The most common issues we find are the use of 125mm or even 100mm duct pipe, causes excessive noise with very little extracted air. The steam then condensates on the metal or glass of the extractor, all because the incorrect ducting is used. Remember 150mm rounds as a minimum or equivalent rectangular ducting only.

What if i cannot duct to the outside?

There are certain circumstances where ducting externally is not possible, for example in a block of flats, or the run is blocked by steelwork. Novy has the solution this, PURE recirculation technology. 

Novy's latest generation recirculation Pure filters are based on active charcoal beads system supported by a labyrinth structure. The unique structure designed by Novy ensures that the charcoal filter in the cooker hood efficiently absorbs all odours. The special natural coating the Pure filter will last for up to 900 hours of cooking. This allows Novy to offer a class leading recirculation filter that only needs replacing every 3 to 5 years!